DJ Suma

Earth Mix

mixed by DJ Suma, 2005
Length: 54:19
MP3 format, 112kbps, 43.5mb

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About Suma

What makes this youthfully intrepid DJ/producer genuinely special is that he is carrying the torch for the “dubtronic” sound for future generations. Suma, a moniker he coined meaning “to add up or bring together” en español, fits his amalgamation of rootsy music. He remains true to grooves along the lines of acid jazz and dub, but also embraces reggae, dancehall, hip hop, breaks, and drum & bass. Suma represents dually notable Soular Grooves and the Rebel Crew.

Art Gonzales, a twenty-something Houston native, was nurtured by a family that believed music is as essential as water. His uncles Paul and Boy dabbled in a variety of music, while his then-more-Northside-famous DJing cousin Joe B. of Rebel Crew filled in the blanks when it came to all things musical.

“Seeing Joe B. DJing definitely had an impact, with electronica (for me), I realized that this form of music had infinite room for expression; you could blend all kinds of flavors especially tweeking it out,” credits Suma. But, eventually inspirations came from other sources outside la familia. “Abiel Mejia [R.I.P.], a local techno/hard house DJ who often DJed downtempo under his pseudonym Schwag, left an impression with me.”

It wasn’t too long before Art also began DJing downtempo as Suma. He made his debut in 1997 and, after gigging here and there, was invited two years later by DJ Melodic to play at Monday night’s “Soular Sessions” at Café Brasil, the quintessential lounge spot in Houston. “I’ve always been more inclined towards deeper, dubby, and hypnotic aspects of music,” he reasons, “which paved the way to my passion for dub, jazz and lounge.” He’s remained a member of the Soular Grooves family since that Monday night.

Suma is a staple over the radio waves on Saturday nights-“Soular Grooves” radio show on KPFT 90.1 FM. “Music to me is a spiritual mission of expression through channels such as producing and DJing in which I put true heart and soul into,” he strives, “like sound sculptures emulating the creative spirit. Part of the job for creative persons is to challenge traditional habits of thought and behavior, and develop new expressions to surprise and reinvigorate the mind-set…this can be beautifully achieved through musical expression and concept.”

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