Jagjit Chadha - Tabla/Electronics

Jagjit ChadhaJagjit's been working hard at his music. Self-trained in Indian classical tabla, he attended workshops by such greats as Zakir Hussain and Arshed Syed. Being born into a traditional Indian family and raised in Western culture, Jagjit seeks to bridge the musical gap between his Indian and American ear, finding a middle ground in which he can resonate and share with others.

He has played with many musicians from many different musical backgrounds including members of Sound Tribe Sector Nine, Jamie Janover, Animal Liberation Orchestra, Hamsa Lila, String Cheese Incident, and Vinyl, to name a few. He has collaborated and produced many different albums from semi-traditional Indian classical devotional music to electronic breakbeat downtempo grooves.

Contact Jagjit at jugu122 @ hotmail.com

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Also, be sure to check out his collaborative mix with DJ Suma and DJ R-Sin on KPFT, 90.1 FM, Houston.